Laureate Academy

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Curriculum Overview

Laureate Academy follows the knowledge-rich curriculum that has been developed by Future Academies. 

It has been written to ensure that it is carefully sequenced so that it builds on prior knowledge and gives students the cultural capital they need to succeed. We want all students to leave us with the knowledge they need to enable them to have freedom of opportunities as they move on to post-16 or higher education.

Education is the great leveller, ensuring that our students, no matter what their background, can have the choice and freedom required to succeed on whatever path they choose to pursue.

We believe that a good education is the cornerstone for social mobility, providing children with the tools they need to lead purposeful lives.

Our curriculum ensures that students:

  • Master specific knowledge within each subject
  • Ensures students access the best of what has been thought and said
  • Is accessible yet challenging for all students 

We offer a broad and ambitious curriculum for all students. It is based on cognitive science research to ensure that we can guarantee students the best outcomes. We believe that careful sequencing of the curriculum, direct instructions, independent practice, live feedback and retrieval quizzing are the best methods to ensure that students make excellent progress. 

Our full curriculum statement is available for download at the bottom of this page, alongside the maps for each individual subject.”