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Laureate Academy

Reading and Literacy at Laureate Academy

Reading ability is fundamental to driving academic success but also an essential life skill, a source of great pleasure and contributes to building intelligent, rounded and thoughtful individuals. Developing a culture of reading for pleasure is a priority at Laureate Academy. 


  • To develop a culture of reading for pleasure
  • To support students in choosing books suitable for their interests and reading age to maximise engagement with reading and allow them to progress to more challenging texts
  • To send termly reading age data to parents and guardians to provide updates on their child’s progress, raise the profile of reading and strengthen the communication between school and home


  • The school has signed up to Bookbuzz for year 7. This is a charity that will provide a range of books for different abilities. Students will use one English lesson to choose a book which they will receive a copy of at no cost to them.
  • The school has signed up to the Accelerated Reading Programme provided by Renaissance Learning. One lesson per week will be a dedicated reading lesson in the library. Students will take an initial assessment that will identify their reading age. This will be reported to parents and an assessment will be taken each term to track progress and identify students who may need further interventions. Students will read books suitable for their reading age and once they are completed, complete a quiz before moving on to the next book. Ten new I-pads have been purchased to support with this.
  • The school has completed a large book order to restock the library. This means students will benefit from new titles as well as a refreshing range of graphic novels for more reluctant readers and titles themed around LGBTQ+.
  • The Head Boy in Year 13 expressed an interest in promoting reading in his pitch for the role. This can be used to create reading ambassadors to role model reading for younger students. This role has not been created yet, but ideas include reading ambassadors recommending termly titles which are displayed in the students’ bulletin with posters for classroom noticeboards and running a Carnegie Medal shortlist reading competition.
  • It is important to refresh our DEAR (Drop everything and read) in form time. Ensure that each form has a termly library visit to choose books to read in this time. Year 7 students will begin this process with a library induction to encourage them to visit the library and take out books.  


  • Bookbuzz will create some excitement and discussion about reading. The enticement of a gift they can choose will help positively frame reading.
  • The accelerated reading programme will not only create a space within school for reading for pleasure but will also raise the profile of reading, making it a clear priority. The use of data will make it easier for students to identify books suitable for them and therefore increase their engagement. Designating classroom time will also allow teachers to focus specifically on promoting reading as well as using their experience and expertise to recommend books. This will also help develop rapport between English teachers and students. The use of quizzes and termly reports will allow the measurement of progress, identify students who may require intervention, foster a sense of achievement and progress from reading and provide parents with valuable data on their child’s progress which in turn will strengthen link between school and home.
  • Refreshing the library stock will not only materially improve our offering of books but psychologically, students will be more likely to come and try the new titles available.
  • Creating reading ambassadors will be important for raising the profile of reading. Ambassadors would be able to use their own recent experiences to appeal to students nearer their own age. It will be important that students see reading is something for them as well as adults.
  • Library visits will ensure that all students have a book to read in form time and ensure that students can see the range of new books on offer. Re-launching DEAR will help establish reading as a whole school focus.