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Libertas per cultum

The Houses

Our House system is a key part of the pastoral support framework at Laureate. Each student will be allocated to a house, each house supports a nominated local charity, and fundraises for it. The House System mixes students of all ages, and is not based upon curriculum or academic criteria. Each House should represent a fair cross-section of the school community, incorporating students with a mix of gender, attainment and SEN needs.

One element of our house system is the keen, but friendly, competition between the houses it promotes, as students compete for awards in academic and sporting success. We believe that belonging to a House further creates a sense of community, identity and pride for all students, strengthening our school culture and further embedding our core values of Knowledge, Aspiration, and Respect. At Laureate Academy we have four houses, named after four Greek gods (Apollo, Hera, Athena and Zeus).  House points are awarded for positive behaviour, and frequent house events and competitions reward sporting and academic success. Belonging to a house creates healthy competition between students, and also gives them a sense of ownership, responsibility and belonging.

Why do we need a House System?

School Culture

  • To provide a method of strengthening the school culture.
  • To give pupils a way to demonstrate responsibility, team-skills, cooperation, leadership and student voice outside of the classroom environment.
  • To drive the values of respect, aspiration and knowledge through house competitions and assemblies.

Inclusivity and a Sense of belonging

  • Every pupil experiences a need to belong and when the school becomes large this could be difficult. The house system provides a small school feel, a way of ensuring that every pupil’s voice is heard and everyone feels that sense of belonging.
  • The House system provides a way to meet the pastoral needs of the students, where every pupil is known and no one is left behind.

Success and a Sense of self worth

  • When pupils take part in House events and perform for their house it gives them a sense of self-worth and achievement that may be more difficult to achieve on a school wide level. For example, pupils who take part in an activity for sports day who may not otherwise be able to represent the school at sport.

Sense of Healthy competition

  • Every pupil will be encouraged to participate in as many house events as possible during each year.
  • The house system will develop team spirit whilst, at the same time, encouraging a sense of loyalty and friendly competition.
  • This will also encourage a sense of ownership in the house which in turn will increase the healthy competition and so on.

Sense of security

  • When students feel secure and their needs are met on a pastoral level, it will also help them to perform better academically and will have a positive impact on other areas of their education.

Positive behaviour management

  • A very important role of the house system will be for positive behaviour management.
  • House points will be awarded to individuals for various positive behaviours and achievements, which are outlined in the behaviour policy. These will be accrued throughout the year, culminating in a final house cup that will be awarded in the end of year assembly.

There will be no sanctions applied to this system – i.e. house points will not be deducted for negative behaviours, rather dealt with separately. The house system will reward the positives at all times.