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Libertas per cultum

Religious Studies and Ethics

Head of Department: Mr. O Olakotan

The study of religion and philosophy is crucial to the social and moral development of young people, and helps them develop both a respectful approach to other cultures as well as the capacity to articulate their own opinions and beliefs. We teach young people to ask questions, while also teaching them knowledge and understanding. We explore the main tenets of world faiths in order to support our young people in developing their own values and principles, and to promote their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


Across Key Stage 3, pupils at Laureate study the foundations of the world’s main religions, as well as examining moral issues, ethics and philosophy. Students will explore themes around Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity, alongside considering key ethical issues such as the Problem of Evil, Crime & Punishment, Social Justice, War & Peace, and what it means to live as a religious person in the 21st-Century.


At Laureate Academy, we recognise the value of the study of religion, philosophy, and ethics in our ever-changing multicultural society. We promote a policy of tolerance, acceptance, where all can be free from prejudice or judgement. Studying the Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies course develops a critical and reflective approach to the study of religion.  Students explore religious beliefs and reflect on the fundamental questions in life, whilst developing a deeper understanding of ethical issues such as justice, and their own individual responses to them.  Fundamentally, the aim of the course is to provide our young people with the ability to consider and evaluate important issues in society from a religious perspective.