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Physical Education

Director of Learning: Miss T. Crossland

We are fully committed to the development of PE within the curriculum, and provide a positive learning environment where students feel confident, safe and thrive on the need to develop themselves, physically, mentally and emotionally. We encourage positive values through a variety of teaching strategies and methods in order to gain the best results from all students, irrespective of gender or ability. In addition to our GCSE, A-level and BTEC courses, we also provide students with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills as part of the Laureate Leadership Academy. Students frequently assist our School Games Organiser with festivals or competitions within our family of schools.

The opportunities we provide to students are not confined to the school timetable: extra-curricular activities are crucial to promoting lifelong participation in physical activity. It is vital that students take part in physical activity outside of school not only to improve fitness and skill levels but also as part of a healthy lifestyle. Our staff freely give up their time to create opportunities for extra-curricular clubs and fixtures, and we expect students to attend at least one club per term.


PE at KS3 is very varied and builds on basic skills and strategies. Students have 5 hours of timetabled P.E over the 2-week timetable. The sports we offer are: football, gymnastics, netball, rugby, trampolining, badminton, athletics, table-tennis, rounders, and softball.

Moreover, students enjoy a range of sporting activities beyond their PE lessons, and often can be found practising after school or competing in their houses and against other schools.


All students study 2 hours of core PE per week in addition to examination subjects. The P.E department offers examination options for KS4 students: a GCSE in Physical Education (Edexcel), the BTEC Dance course, and the Cambridge Nationals examination in Sports Studies. In Year 11 students personalise their pathway by ‘opting’ for certain activities each half term. These are generally very varied and participation rates are very high.

The GCSE in Physical Education will equip students with the knowledge, understanding, skills and values they need to be able to develop and maintain their performance in physical activities. Students will also gain understanding of how physical activities benefit health, fitness and well-being.

The BTEC in Dance offers students the opportunity to develop both their practical dance skills as well as their knowledge of the dance and performance industry, and the skills involved.

The Cambridge National in Sports Studies provides students with the opportunity to explore the impact that sport has on society, the components of, and issues with, the sports industry, and more practical knowledge around the organisation and officiation of sporting events.

Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form, we follow the OCR A-Level specification in Physical Education. This course is based on the interaction between the theory and practice of physical education. Theoretical knowledge will develop an understanding of how physiological and psychological states affect performance, as well as the key socio-cultural factors that influence people’s involvement in physical activity and sport.