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Libertas per cultum

Our Ethos & Values

At Laureate Academy, we place knowledge and the pursuit of excellence at the heart of all that we do. We have the highest expectations of our students, and we guide them to achieve their fullest potential. We believe that knowledge should be joyful and empowering, and we strive to foster in our students an insatiable curiosity for life. Knowledge is an emancipatory force, granting our students the freedom to achieve both their academic and social potential. This belief is embodied in our Trust's values (Knowledge, Aspiration, and Respect) and in our school motto,

libertas per cultum ("freedom through education")

Freedom to choose:

We aim to instil the knowledge that will enable our young people to make good choices in life. Our carefully-designed, rigorous and knowledge-rich curriculum gives our students access to the best that has been known and thought, putting them on a level playing field with their independently-educated peers. Our passionate teaching staff are experts in their fields, inspiring students through their own deep understanding of, and dedication to, their subject. This allows our students freedom of aspiration: to enter into adult life with all options at their fingertips.

Freedom to think well: 

We think with words, and therefore depth and breadth of word-knowledge are vital tools in life. Our curriculum places emphasis on developing rich, sophisticated language and vocabulary to ensure that our students become engaged thinkers. We provide all students with access to high-quality, classic texts, and we strive to nurture their curiosity about language through the teaching of English, Latin, Grammar, and Modern Foreign Languages.

Freedom from prejudice:

In the current world climate, we encourage our students to be guided by principles of respect, integrity and fairness. Our school culture of collaboration and respect helps to foster kindness, compassion, and co-operation in our students. Moreover, the focus on developing knowledge and a conceptual understanding of the world helps to give our students a wider world view, building up their resilience and ability to make fair judgements, and thus enabling them to live as fully-enfranchised citizens.

Freedom to live:

Our combination of knowledge-rich curriculum, high expectations and vibrant educational enrichment programme is designed with the livelihood and best interests of our students at its core. We do not discriminate, but instead have the highest aspirations for all students irrespective of their backgrounds or obstacles. We always strive to pitch lessons at a sufficiently challenging level so that the more able students are never bored, whilst we simultaneously provide the support our less-able students need to make steady progress and strive for the same outcomes. We provide access to a wide variety of enriching extracurricular opportunities, both cultural and work-related. Additionally, we provide a supportive pastoral care system that helps our students to develop into emotionally mature, respectful and confident young people. All of our young people, we hope, will go on to develop within and beyond the academic sphere into well-rounded and knowledgeable individuals with the ability to go forth into the world and lead purposeful, happy lives.