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Modern Foreign Languages

Heads of Department: Ms D. Archer and Mr M. Willis

The study of language enables students of all abilities to develop their potential in communicating with people from other cultures, and equips them with the knowledge to communicate in a variety of contexts with confidence. From 2019, Laureate Academy is offering French from Year 7 onwards. Students in KS4 and above have the option of French and German.

French is the first language spoken in many countries across Africa, Europe and the Caribbean, offering lots of opportunities for development in a range of business industries. The study of a ‘Romance Language’ is greatly aided by students’ study of Latin, between which there is a wealth of etymological links and points of contact.

Germany is the economic and political powerhouse of Europe, offering lots of opportunities for development in a range of business industries.


Key Stage 3 students will acquire basic communication skills in French, such as time, family, home, and hobbies. They will also consider cultural aspects of France, and Francophone countries, including their food, festivals, and lifestyle.


At GCSE, students can choose to further their language learning by choosing to take a GCSE in French or German, following the AQA syllabus. The skills demanded by the new GCSE are useful in a whole range of careers, including the ability to communicate clearly, speaking both in presentations and in unplanned situations. Students study and consolidate their grammar and vocabulary, as well as exploring in depth three key themes:

  • Theme 1 - Identity and Culture
  • Theme 2 - Local, national, international and global areas of interest.
  • Theme 3 - Current and future study and employment

Our French and German language assistants give tailored speaking practice to our GCSE students in individual or small group sessions.

Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form, we offer the AQA A-Level course in French. Studying a language at A-Level helps students to develop their confidence and communicative skills, building upon the skills acquired at GCSE. The course will also enhance their knowledge and understanding of the culture of the country together with Francophone countries and study the issues and influences which have shaped French-speaking countries. Our aim is to develop an interest in, and enthusiasm, for language-learning and to encourage students to consider French within a broader context.

The A-Level course will enable students to see how French-speaking society has been shaped, socially and culturally and how it continues to change. In the first year of the course, aspects of the social context are studied, together with the cultural and artistic life of French-speaking countries. In the second year, further aspects of social backgrounds are covered, focusing in particular on issues such as life for those on the margins of French speaking society, as well as looking at the positive influences that diversity brings. Students also study aspects of the political landscape in a French-speaking country looking at immigration from the political perspective. Students will also study texts and film and will have the opportunity to carry out independent research on an area of their choice.