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Libertas per cultum


Head of Department: Mrs S. Carr


At Laureate Academy, we follow a bespoke and rigorous English curriculum supplied by Future Academies. This curriculum allows our students to study a range of classic literature, and is structured by a chronological exploration of ‘great texts.’ Each text is explored through four conceptual lenses: character, genre, form and structure, and context. As students move through the curriculum, the narrative of how the English literary tradition has developed is therefore unpicked through these lenses. A special focus is placed on understanding how the themes of heroism, fate and the supernatural, and tension between the individual and society, have evolved and intertwined over time. The craft of writing and knowledge of English grammar is developed within this scheme and taught with reference to texts studied, and students explicitly learn effective grammar and communication skills.

This outstanding curriculum provides students access to classics texts in a chronological, thematic and manageable way. Key grammar, literary techniques, topics and themes are not studied in isolation, but are instead explored within the context of the texts, to ensure students have a solid grasp of these aspects of literary culture, and are thus then able to apply them in their own work. The aim of the course is to promote the highest standards of literacy and communication skills and an appreciation of the literary culture that has shaped the world in which we live, as well as a life-long love of literature and reading that the students can take with them into their future lives. Texts studied range from the Ancient Greek Epic ‘The Odyssey’, to plays by William Shakespeare, to George Orwell’s dystopian classic, ‘1984’.


All of our students study the Edexcel GCSE English Literature course. This course provides students with a broad range of texts from across the spectrum of English literature. It allows pupils to explore contrasting texts, from poetry to prose, and from Shakespeare, to Wilfrid Owen, to Benjamin Zephaniah.  Students develop fluency in the classic literary corpus, gain appreciation of the heritage of English literature, and become keen and able critics, with the tools to analyse and discuss texts with fluency.

Sixth Form

At Laureate Academy, we highly value the importance of studying classic literature and texts to develop cultural literacy, which we believe is intrinsic to social and professional success in modern society. The English Literature A-Level has a dynamic and engaging approach to learning. Through a wide variety of literature, our students will gain confidence in expressing their ideas in class, and will learn how to prepare for written examinations in poetry, prose and drama. The general aim of the A-Level course is to encourage students to develop interest and enjoyment in literary studies through reading widely, critically and independently.

Our Sixth Formers follow the AQA A-Level course in English Literature, which allows students to consider themes of tragedy as well as political and protest literature. The course will develop key skills of communication, critical analysis and appreciation of diverse texts.