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Business Studies

Head of Department: Mr. C Radnitz

Business aims to provide a sound understanding of business concepts as a basis for future study and employment.  At Laureate Academy, we offer courses in Business at both GCSE and to our Sixth Formers.


In KS4, students can choose between two courses: the Edexcel Business Studies GCSE, or the Applied Business BTEC.

At GCSE, students can opt to take the Edexcel course in Business Studies. This course brings a theoretical and academic approach to the subject, exploring subjects such as the economy and finance, marketing, accounting, and multinational corporations. The course helps students to develop core business skills, such as the ability to interpret financial accounts and to comprehend economics, alongside key skills such as critical thinking, which they will cultivate through the application of their knowledge to real-life business case studies and contexts.

Students in KS4 can also opt to take the Applied Business BTEC. This takes a more vocational approach to the discipline of Business, and introduces students to the world of business, developing the knowledge and key skills of assertiveness, entrepreneurship, and analysis.

In the Sixth Form, students can choose from two options: an A-Level in Business Studies, and a BTEC in Business. Both courses are highly valuable, with the BTEC providing more practical skills required to start up a business, and the A-Level providing a theoretical approach to the discipline.

Sixth Form

The A-Level specification will provide a broad introduction to business and should encourage students to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in realistic business contexts, such as discovering the problems and opportunities faced by local businesses and/or organising an enterprise activity. We teach to the AQA syllabus.

The Business BTEC course is a practical and applied approach to learning, providing a fantastic opportunity for those interested in the following areas:

  • Setting up a business and managing finances
  • How businesses operate and function, and how business teams work together
  • Investigating a range of real-world business scenarios and case-studies
  • How the economy, politics, social trends and technology can impact on business
  • How businesses manage change and development