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Art and Design

Head of Department: Miss N. Mayers

At Laureate Academy, we place great value on the study and practice of the creative arts. The creation of visual art is often linked to the very nature of what makes us human, and has been a part of human culture since the prehistoric period. Our team of expert art teachers help to guide their students in developing multiple skills and processes, in exploring themes, in expressing themselves through visual media, and overall in developing a passion and enthusiasm for art that will last them a lifetime.


We begin art education at Laureate through an exploration of materials and techniques, intended to give our students the competence and confidence to create art, in its many forms. We hope these skills, embedded at Key Stage 3, will prepare students for future study at GCSE and A-Level. We endeavour to nurture our students’ curiosity and, above all, to make the study and practice of art exciting, challenging and surprising. Our art teachers are experienced, well-informed and from varied backgrounds and specialisms. We encourage our students to challenge themselves, take risks, to be creative and experimental in their work and comfortable discussing and showing their outcomes.


At GCSE, our students follow the Edexcel Art and Design course. Studying art at GCSE level is highly rewarding, as students develop technical skills, work with a variety of different artistic media, engage both in the critique-process and creation-process of artistic works, and develop confidence and risk-taking strategies. Students will study works of art from across the centuries and create their own portfolios. They will also be assessed in the Externally Set Assignment, a 10 hour examination period where students have the opportunity to create a piece in response to a set theme.

Sixth Form

The study of art helps to nurture creativity, resilience and perseverance in students. It is also a foundation of human culture and achievement. At Laureate Academy, we encourage students to choose this creative option to further their appreciation of this ancient practice and to develop the skills of creative expression. In the Sixth Form, we offer the Edexcel A-Level in Fine Art. Art at A-Level is a rigorous course that builds upon the key skills learnt at Key Stages 3 and 4. Crucially, we believe, it develops the following:

  • Independent thought
  • The development, refinement, and communication of ideas
  • The ability to analyse own work, and also use the work of others to seek inspiration and inform own ideas
  • The capability and resilience for experimentation and risk-taking in order to solve problems
  • The satisfaction of producing personal and creative outcomes