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Academy Uniform

Wearing a school uniform fosters a sense of community and pride in a school, which is why we take uniform very seriously at Laureate Academy. Ultimately, dressing smartly prepares our students for their future careers, and sets them up as ambassadors for our school, giving them a share of the responsibility for its reputation. 

We expect students to follow the uniform code at all times, both when on the Academy site and also to and from school. Consideration will be given to students that cannot wear certain items for SEN or medical reasons, provided a professional medical letter is provided. Any student that arrives on-site incorrectly dressed will be issued with uniform to borrow. They will also be required to attend a detention at the end of the day for 30 minutes. Repeated infringement of any uniform rules will result in the relevant items being confiscated.

As well as wearing the correct uniform, students are expected to maintain a smart and well-presented appearance when on or around the Academy site. This includes discrete make-up, limited jewellery and natural, tidy hair. No other accessories are permitted, with the exception of items of clothing worn for religious reasons.

For full details of our school’s uniform and dress policy, click here to view our Behaviour Policy.

The Laureate Academy uniform is supplied by  Trutex and can be purchased via the Trutex website.