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Laureate Academy

Laureate Academy

Our Vision

In a world that is becoming ever more polarised, digitalised and complex, it is even more important that young people are fully prepared for the world beyond the school gates. At Laureate Academy, we are committed to ensuring our students develop an inquisitive nature about the world around them, where character development, resilience, and independence are at the very heart of everything that we do. We want our students to appreciate and enjoy the diverse world in which we live.

Furthermore, we aim to equip our students with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to achieve well and enter the world of work confidently. We deliver this through our inclusive and challenging curriculum as well as a comprehensive PSHE programme.

We know that learning goes beyond the classroom and our varied Enrichment Programme offers a number of co-curricular opportunities for our students to support their character development.

Additionally, we are acutely aware that student wellbeing and mental health have been severely impacted by the pandemic as well as other factors, including the increased use of social media. Therefore, we ensure physical and mental wellbeing are also at the core of everything that we strive for at Laureate Academy.

To complement our values of Respect, Aspirations and Knowledge, we also advocate a set of virtues under the acronym SPARK. They are desirable characteristics that support character development and everyday academy life.

As Principal of Laureate Academy, I hold these values and virtues very dear. Having attended school in a challenging part of London, where the buildings were not fit for purpose and much of my learning was spent in temporary portable cabins, my enduring memory of school was the staff body and their efforts to support students in all aspects of school life. They worked tirelessly to ensure that we became the very best versions of ourselves and this will always remain with me. This is my vision for Laureate Academy.

Our Values

Our ethos is built upon three important values, which we share with all Future Academies schools:

Knowledge – We have an inspirational and challenging curriculum and whilst our curriculum is demanding, it is also inclusive and it is accessible to all. 

Respect – Being respectful at Laureate Academy and the wider community is just as important as being respectful at home.

Aspiration – We understand that in tandem with our inspirational curriculum, education extends beyond our classrooms. We want our students to have the aspirations to attend the best universities in the country or access quality apprenticeships that lead to successful careers.

Our Virtues

S – Self-discipline  

P – Perseverance 

A – Ambition

R – Responsibility

K – Kindness 


  • Know right from wrong;
  • Be committed;
  • Set boundaries;
  • Understand and respect the need for rules, processes and structures;
  • Do not be negatively influenced by others;
  • Adhere to rules and processes.


  • Possess a strength of character;
  • Remove obstacles that hinder success;
  • Work hard;
  • Value team work;
  • Develop a sense of purpose and self-belief;
  • Challenge oneself;
  • Distinguish the difference between stress and anxiety;
  • Understand the importance of wellbeing.


  • Set and achieve goals;
  • Always look for ways to improve oneself;
  • Be confident;
  • Develop a strong work ethic;
  • Maintain an open mind and prepare to learn from others, including peers;
  • Develop an awareness for opportunities in an ever-changing world;
  • Understand that hard work leads to success;
  • Access sixth form, colleges, universities and high quality apprenticeships;
  • Develop an understanding for different career pathways.


  • Be honest;
  • Possess a strong understanding of our civic duty;
  • Accept the consequences for poor decision-making;
  • Support a no-excuse culture;
  • Value self-esteem and self-worth;
  • Be transparent in our actions;
  • Apologise where appropriate;
  • Be punctual and maintain good attendance to school.


  • Understand the importance of generosity and being considerate;
  • Commit acts of kindness;
  • Listen well;
  • Avoid being judgemental;
  • Be patient;
  • Engage with community and charity;
  • Appreciate and embrace the diverse world in which we live.

Delivery of Vision and Values

We deliver our vision, our values and our virtues through everything we provide in school and in particular the following:

  • Curriculum
  • Enrichment Programme
  • Whole School Events
  • Charitable events
  • Assembly Programme
  • PSHE Programme
  • House Competitions
  • Staff Insets and briefings and Department Development Time
  • Student Leadership: Student Council, Head Boy, Head Girl, Sixth Form Prefects, Sports Leaders
  • Competitive sports
  • External provision such as Duke of Edinburgh
  • Mentoring
  • Home/school communication, including newsletters and parent coffee mornings

Laureate Academy is a flourishing mixed, non-selective secondary school and sixth form based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, admitting students from the ages of 11 to 18.  

We are part of Future Academies Multi-Academy Trust (MAT), and share their high standards of excellence.

We offer a rich and stimulating education comprised of a knowledge-rich curriculum, diverse cultural and extracurricular opportunities, and a strong pastoral support system.

All children are welcomed in our inclusive community, and all are challenged to be the best they can be.

With the support of our sponsors, Future, we are able to engage with the best teachers, the best universities and a wide range of the most prominent employers in the country to ensure that all our children are equipped with the knowledge and desire to be the best in whatever path they wish to follow. This ethos is embodied in our Trust values (Knowledge, Aspiration, and Respect) and in our school motto, libertas per cultum (freedom through education).